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    The only country I've had issues with for buying or selling is Canada. I always insist my funds in US dollars through paypal, the buyer paying the extra. I keep a stack of customs forms in my office and my PO is very knowledgable as to foreign shipping, though it is a very small town in the middle of no-where. I have also refunded over charges for shipping if I quoted to high. I actually enjoy doing business around the world and have shipped to moscow, Poland, Australia, etc. There are several folkes in the UK and Norway that have recieved items from me for free, or just sent postage after recieving the item.
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    Anything I sell on the bay of e is CONUS only, mostly because with a buyer I don't know in a foreign country that I probably can't track the package in means I want to protect my interest and feedback.
    On a forum though with people I have some familiarity with is another story.
    Basically, I trust APUGers more than your average bay of e bidder.
    That, and my local post office is...not very good. Last time I was there I waited a very long time because one person wanted to ship an item out of country. It was around an hour or so, with me right behind them. Too understaffed at that time to open another window, but they may be like that all the time.
    The nearest one that would likely be capable of handling international shipping would be about 45 minutes of driving away.
    Sorry, not gonna take a 45 minute one way trip for the small stuff I have been selling, like my extra cables and such.
    Actually, for really cheap stuff that is available in other countries, I would likely stick to CONUS since the cost would end up being more than your own locally available product.
    Bigger things sold to a person I have some familiarity with? Happy to send out of country.

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