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    Physicists & optical engineers: Tranformation Optics & Subwavelength Light Control

    An interesting read

    See: "Tranformation Optics and Subwavelength Control of Light", J. B. Pendry, A. Aurby, D. R. Smith, S. A. Maier; Science, volume 337 pages 549 to 552, 3 August 2012 www.sciencemag.org

    First Paragraph:
    "Our intuitive understand of light has it foundations in the ray approximation and is intimately connected with our vision. As far as our eyes are concerned, light behaves like a steam of particles. We look inside the wavelength and study the properties of plasmoic structures with dimensions of just a few nanometers, where at a tenth or even a hundredth of the wavelength of visible light the ray picture fails. We review the concept of transformation optics that manipulates electric and magnetic field lines, rather than rays; can provide an equally intuitive understanding of subwavelength phenomena; and at the same time can be an exact discription at the leverl of Maxwell's equations"
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    Science and Sceintific American are funny journals , I am reading them for past 17 years and they take a 50 years old research , gift package and present it as new. When you become an insider of sciences , you find every subject requires 1000 pages of equations and 30 years of education.

    visit bib.tiera.ru site and find 100 thick books on the subject.



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