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Thread: UV filters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Two23 View Post
    But you're still out a lot of money. If you keep the lens cap on when not taking a shot, you're out no money at all. Filters are false "protection." To place a quality filter on each of my lenses that cost more than $500 would cost much more than a lens repair! It makes no economic sense. Add to that you are placing the one thing that is best at scratching glass--pieces of thin glass--right next to your lens.

    Kent in SD

    Lens caps are silly. Move on from that idea. More photographs have been lost from the task of removing camera and lens cap than in changing a filter.

    There is no contact with any element at all with any of the filters I use; that is made quite certain through years of experience. But I've been present to see other people in their enthusiasm quickly screw on a filter and watch it made rasping contact with the front element. Not funny. Filters crack when hit; they very rarely shatter. A side impact will damage the filter's ring, deflecting that damage from the lens flange (a much more serious type of damage).

    Some people might view it as false economy and risky. So too is using your camera at the beach. "No risk", they say. Period. You bet there is!

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    I use a UV filter as protection only if I'm shooting around salt water spray and not using another filter to manipulate the light. In 32 years, haven't damaged a lens. Yet.

    When I was a news photographer, my lenses were always in my bag with the shades on and the front caps off, shade-end down. In my Hasselblad kit, I always have the caps on. Same with my large format lenses.

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    Since I do a lot of high altitude shooting, I use a UV filter strictly as a UV filter. I buy only the best quality. But what constitutes an appropriate
    one depends on the specific color film and field conditions. This requires testing. I almost never use them just to cover the lens - saltwater
    spray would be the rare exception.

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