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if the price of film is your biggest concern, there is also the option of shooting half-frame, many fine cameras in this format were made by Olumpus and others -- the Pen F is a very fine system, still sold widely. Film processing in that format would be vastly simpler than minox, and no film slitting.
I got interested in Minox about 10 years ago, and built up a modest collection of cameras and equipment...I liked the ideas of the precision format (made like watches!) and carrying a tiny outfit at all times. But the tiny format demands utmost care and dedication to get quality results, and I reverted to 35mm for snapshotting and family pics (and, I confess, I carry a pocket digital camera and smartphone for "records").

Still use the Minox gear once-or-twice a year, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it as the way to go just to save film cost. I have one of the (very expensive at the time) Acmel slitters; this has to be used in the dark or a charging bag, and even then is not easy to avoid fingermarks when you load the Minox cassette.

As summicron says, a quality half-frame allows you to use regular cassettes, film and processing gear, and there is very little compromise on quality, particularly with fine-grain film and careful processing.