Got the Rollei and the Gossen back. Said that before. Still didn't get the Pentax, the winder, the case or the accessories back.

I just got back from the court house and I got a little bit of good news.

As I said, they caught a guy and took him to court. He was charged for misdemeanor receiving of stolen property.

Spoke to the detective, the Assistant DA and the Victim Restitution representative.
Got a chance to talk to the guy. Of course, he denied everything. Honestly, I don't care. I just want my junk back.

After talking, we agreed that, if I got $450 to use to replace my equipment and a promise from the guy to stay away from me and my house, I would drop the charges.

He promised to send money to the District Justice. If that happens, I'm willing to live and let live.

The kicker is that, when the cops arrested the guy, he had just signed a lease on a new place to live. Just that day. When they hauled him off in handcuffs, the landlord tore up the lease. *IF* the charges get dropped, the guy can get his lease back.

I feel certain that this guy did it or knows who did but, given the lack of evidence, I'll take what I can get.

Having the guy lose his place to live, his security deposit (until the case is over) and having to pay me back is a pretty good, AFAIAC.

Replacing the Rollei would have cost $500. I have it back but the leather case is ripped. I'll have to replace that. Probably $50.
The Pentax, the lens, the winder and other accessories. Probably $200.
The case and shipping cost will probably be another $200.
I don't want to make any profit off this but, if I shop carefully and do a little dealing, I should be able to get a better camera than I had before.

It was a lot of fussing around for no good reason but it all seems to be coming out in the wash.
Good enough. Live and let live. Eh?