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    Quote Originally Posted by SchwinnParamount
    If I was getting married today, I'd choose a photographer who made his mistakes on someone elses wedding and had no portfolio building left to do. Is it fair to ask the couple getting married to pay for your education?
    Well Schwinn, you are assuming some things...One, as yet, I haven't made any major mistakes. Will I? No doubt, but they will happen no matter who, what, where or when. To everyone. Being as prepared as possible for whatever can happen is key.

    Second, I didn't "ask" anyone to pay for my wedding photo education. These have been friends and acquaintances who asked me, knowing I do not specialize in weddings nor want to. They were "bargain" shoots (IMO), and all (only six last year) turned out very well. So far, I have been fortunate.

    Since they asked asegreti, I'm going to assume they have some knowledge of of his ability.

    If it's something you want to get into eventually, you have to start somewhere-those that specialize in this did. Price accordingly. If you don't have the equipment to meet their needs, then bow out. If you do it, be up front with your experience, know what their expectations are, how long they want coverage, and so forth. If they are friends, realize you are there to work, not party.

    I carry two shooting cameras (long and short zooms) with flash attachments, and two back ups with one extra flash. I have found I shoot twice as many images for a wedding as you would for other events for the same time frame. And, leave a half hour earlier (to get there) than you think you have to leave.

    Talk to them about your apprehension, if you still are unsure then I would say no. You can offer to shoot "second unit" for cost (or free) and cover the stuff the pros won't bother with (candids, etc). You can then shoot and watch the main shooter(s) to see how they handle it.
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    Hi I did weddings for about 4 years and I must say
    I am NOT DOING THAT again
    Having said that watch the time and do your formals first I know bride and groom dont want to see each other before the ceremony .....
    So try to make sure you get the wedding party before otherwise you will never do and make bridzilla's dress look it is best ,
    carefull with the mens black tux (not good for photos but what can you do)
    ask the to put one hand in the small gap (rental tux) on top of pockets and dont let groups of 2 or more show the hand behind the person next to them (put on hand on the other persons small of the back (but) other wise it looks like some one is hidden behind them and ask the ladies to do the ballet feet as in one pointing tour you and the other a bit behind It helps posture
    well hope this helps
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    Asegreti -

    Good call, declining to shoot the wedding. If you are not 100% totally comfortable with doing it, don't let yourself get talked into it (this applies to all types of photography). There are NO second chances when photographing a wedding, no "do-overs!"

    I have photographed weddings in the past - it took 5 or 6 before I was comfortable with them. The first 3 were sheer terror! I got good results and happy couples, but I don't do them any more; I think I saw it as a challenge initially, and when I proved to myself that I was capable, I decided to move on to other types of image making.

    It is SO much more work and stress than non-photographers can imagine, and it is a HUGE responsibility, too. It takes commitment and dedication to be able to make wedding photos that are aestetically pleasing and are more than just record shots; IMO, the couple and families deserve much more than "wedding day mug shots."

    Wedding photography is something that a person must truly want to do and enjoy doing - it's about more than the money, or helping a friend save money on wedding costs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SchwinnParamount
    If the bride does not like you or she does but you annoy/irritate her on her wedding day, she will hate your photos. It doesn't matter how good they are.
    I put myself through college doing weddings (in the 70's). Ignorance is bliss, because I didn't know any better about the dangers. I never carried a back-up anything, for instance. My Mamiya TLR and Honeywell strobe never let me down ...

    But I was amazed at the reactions to the photos. I produced adequately exposed, focused, and framed pictures: good, but not great. The response was always either: "These are the greatest pictures we've ever seen!" or "These are the worst pictures we've ever seen!" And, of course, the pictures were neither. Fortunately, I got the first reaction much more often.

    While I don't disagree with Schwinn's statement about the bride, my experience was that it was the bride's mother!!! :rolleyes:

    Cheers y'all.


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