Yes every now and then I feel like selling most of my stuff. When G.A.S. gets bad, I start thinking "Why do I have all of this stuff?" What am I going to do with all of this gear?" Some of the lenses I have were bought strictly out of curiosity. Lately, I've evaluated lens choices. I've decided to sell some lenses to fund ones that will fit my needs better or zooms that have a very useful focal length. I got the 18-135 to replace the 18-70 for the Nikon D300. I want to sell the 60 micro to get the 105 micro for the extra working distance. A few inexpensive zooms will be sold to raise cash for the Nikon 28-200D. I'm getting rid of all my Nikon Series E lenses except for the 75-150 and 100 2.8. The 50 1.8D will go soon along with a few other things to pay for a 85 1.8D. When it's all over, I plan on selling about 12 lenses and ending up with 6 or 7 "new" ones. But the ones I want to get always cost more than the ones I plan on selling