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    Bill Burk: Your prescience is in danger of being properly construed as being naked inteliigence: You have presented both sides and have done so admirably.

    By waiting to print, you encourage introspection and modification of your original thought process as to what will ultimately manifest. Rather than finalizing and restricting the image to what you think now and are able to produce now, and thereby tethering yourself to the image's restrictive final portrayal, you, by delaying, allow modification and possible amendment of the thought process to becomeultimately, an integral and intimate part of that image.

    That said, the 'drilling' of the 'craft' aspects of making print after print cannot be said to be amiss. There is much to gain here. Photography is not only craft; it involves subjective aspects and semiotics as well. Significance of the visual image has impact in more ways than the obvious and blind people can also take part in this fulfillment, given a bit of intellect and ability to project.

    An amalgam of these two ways of thinking about this is probably best achieved by making many smaller prints and leaving them unmounted so that you gain the advantages of refining the craft, seeing your improvement grow, (albeit not always steadily), yet still getting to make, eventually, that future image which will have all the advantages of both craft perfection and introspective maturity. - David Lyga
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    Yes every now and then I feel like selling most of my stuff. When G.A.S. gets bad, I start thinking "Why do I have all of this stuff?" What am I going to do with all of this gear?" Some of the lenses I have were bought strictly out of curiosity. Lately, I've evaluated lens choices. I've decided to sell some lenses to fund ones that will fit my needs better or zooms that have a very useful focal length. I got the 18-135 to replace the 18-70 for the Nikon D300. I want to sell the 60 micro to get the 105 micro for the extra working distance. A few inexpensive zooms will be sold to raise cash for the Nikon 28-200D. I'm getting rid of all my Nikon Series E lenses except for the 75-150 and 100 2.8. The 50 1.8D will go soon along with a few other things to pay for a 85 1.8D. When it's all over, I plan on selling about 12 lenses and ending up with 6 or 7 "new" ones. But the ones I want to get always cost more than the ones I plan on selling

    Pentax's 645, ME Super, Spotmatic II
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    Praktica LB,
    Minoltas SRT 102, SRT 202, Maxxums 7000 and 7000i
    Canons A1(X2), EF, TX, FT QL, EOS 630
    many Nikons-black F2 eye level, chrome F2AS N90s, F4E, N2000, N6000, N6006, Nikomat FTN, N5005

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