Over the course of the last 12 months I've found some amazing things at my local Goodwill;

- Omega D-2, complete and ready for 4x5 (needed some minor repairs) $25
- Vivitar slide projector, like new, in the original box (medical training slides were still in the tray, ick!) $6.99
- Olympus Stylus $2.99
- Polaroid Land model 215, in leatherette case, with flash and spare bulbs $12.99
- Patterson developing trays for 11x14, unused $1.99 (x2)
- Bogen two blade easel $3.99
- Sekonic Leader light meter, with leather case $19.99
- Time-O-Lite enlarger timer, like new $5.99
- Olympus XA with A-11 flash, pristine cosmetic condition but not working $2.99
- Two dozen filters, mostly 55mm but some 49mm as well (colored, special effects, polarizers, ND, etc.) $12.99

The pickings have been poor in the last month or so though.