last year i was gifted boxes of old dry plates and film.
the film was what looks like 6.5x9 pack film or polaroid film
and the plates are mostly around 4x5 .. all exposed, all processed,
i was the hail-marry pass ( thanks andy ! ) to save these things from
the dumpster ...

a lot of the plates and film seem to have a crazy metallic sheen to them
i've seen dichroic fog on my own film from the days when i used tmax developer ...
but not in 25 years ...
the fog is bluish and greenish, and almost like an oil-slick-rainbow ...
except for farmer's reducer is there any way to stabilize the film and plates
so they won't fog anymore ? i don't plan on printing them just putting them in the basement
until someone has to do a "hail mary pass" to save all MY prints and film and plates
from the dumpster. i figure i would give the people thumbing through my junk a
bit of someone else's material culture ...