Hi all,

I wonder if anyone has any tricks for restoring leatherette camera cases, or at least making them stay in one piece. I purchased a early Canon EF, and it came with the original semi-rigid case. It seems to be a well cared for item (both camera and case) and I like the idea of the hard bottom half being there, as I find it unobtrusive and I like the added protection for my camera. Here is the issue - anyone who has seen these cases knows that after a while, they crack and flake off. Well, this one is really old (like I said, its an early EF) and while it looks ok, when you touch it, it turns to dust - almost literally! Its not only annoying, but it makes my hands smear with powdered leatherette and also, inevitably, bits fall on the lens and camera - which is not ideal. Is there any spray, paste, glue or something that I could apply to hold the thing in more less one piece?

Thanks for any and all input,