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    Quote Originally Posted by RichSBV
    CJ, maybe it wasn't a slow ship, but the Poney Express that slowed your package down? Ya just gotta love government agencies! ;-)

    I don't know, but after all this, plus some jerk who ruined the 'buy-it-now' option, I may just bid what the bin price was just for the heck of it? Sorry, but I really hate people who ruin bin options... And I love a good story. If I won this, it would tag a decent story onto it for a few years to come, if I won. Somewtimes that's more important than money...
    Sometimes the "jerk" ends up doing the seller a favor.

    I remember an Olympus copy stand, sort of Olympus' answer to the Leitz Aristophot, that some person in MI put up with quite a low BIN. I didn't want it that badly, decided that if anyone would steal it really cheap I would be the one, so bid a little over the minimum. Bye-bye, BIN. The copy stand finally sold for well over the BIN price.



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    Paul, sorry... I shouldn't have called the person a 'jerk' even if it isn't you ;-) Just an emotion response from me... And who knows, that person may be a member here... Sorry to that person!

    Dan, Yes... I know well how people who kill the BIN option usually wind up having the final price much higher than the original BIN. That's why it bothers me so much! After all, I'm a buyer... Sure, great for the seller...

    I don't mind getting a "steal" now and then. As I don't mind just paying a fair price right up front. But I really hate the whole auction routine. Ever since I stopped playing the game, I enter a bid I think is fair and just leave it go to see what happens. Oddy enough, I have managed to buy very little since doing that... Seems I keep being outbid by a dollar or so... Oh-well, nothing I really needed...

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