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Thread: what if...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vet173
    Used 8x10 enlarger -$500
    modifications to the house so you can use it-$5500
    Look on the little womans face-priceless
    he he - well, in DK we never see 8x10 enlargers for that price - extreamly rare..

    but I am getting closer to a decision.
    My brother has a huge 30x40cm camera that I might buy...

    and my best idea for now: One of my former colleques is a fantastic painter..
    So I just ordered a painting from him, with my girlfriend as model...
    so looking foreward to see the result.
    I'll upload the painting, but it'll take some time as he is a busy man..

    my Twin brother asked if I wanted to take a small travel with him - amazing: we are 47 (don't tell) and we have never travelled together..
    that's an idea..

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    Quote Originally Posted by David H. Bebbington
    My suggestion - spend at least some of the money taking a trip which will give you plenty of opportunity to use the cameras you already have. The most valuable commodity today is time - if you can buy some, I recommend you do it!


    I agree. Take a once-in-a-lifetime trip and spend your time photographing. You'll think of your parents all the while. Every good photograph which results from your trip will always remind you of them, especially if you dedicate them. Then, when it's your turn to leave something behind, leave some of these good prints. That way even your grandchildren's children will talk about you —and your parents— and say, "Wow. He must have really loved them".

    Hope this doesn't seem too corny to you. I just had a similar experience, so I assure you that my words aren't empty. In any case, "bon courage!"

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