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    I don't understand, in the thousands of ebay transactions I have been involved in, I have had exactly one that was not as described, and he rufunded my purchase as soon as I emailed him. I guess I am one of the lucky ones.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mgb74
    Without trying to sound too much like the consultant I am, organizations typically excel in one of three areas: customer intimacy (think Nordstorms), operational effectiveness (think Walmart), or product leadership (think a designer boutigue - I can't name any). Companies usually fail if they try to excel in all (think of one foot on the dock and one in the boat).

    It would be nice if B&H (or any dealer) had rock bottom prices and high customer service (not to mention coffee and live piano music in the store). Ain't gonna happen. Granted, they do need to meet minimal standards even where they don't excel. And occasionally even those minimal standards are not met.
    Being from the Cities, I'm sure you know which horrid chain I'm referring to. Theirs is completely a failure in strategic markteting. They want to keep both the pro-line customer base they built their business upon, and have their store jam-packed with soccermoms spending hours asking which digital camera will take the best pictures of Kaitlin at her dance recital.

    I would much rather pay shipping and deal with a crushed box now and again than be treated like a 2nd class citizen because I want to buy Rodinal and a ball head rather than whatever digiomagical whizbang they advertised on Cities 97 FM.

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