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    I have just returned from 3 full days in Prague. Great architecture. Very compact city. You can cover everything on foot. I took some night shots in early evening by myself. It seems to be a very safe and friendly city. Try the old town square just after dark. Main buildings are all lit up. Handheld shots would be possible if braced or seated and using say 800-1600 film.I spotted a couple of guys using a tripod and no problems with security guards. Everything including food,drink and admission prices is very reasonable.

    However film prices seemed quite expensive even by U.K. standards. I'd try and carry what you need.


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    Quote Originally Posted by canyoupicturethat
    Anyone have thoughts on purchasing film if it comes to that? I imagine the country that spawned Agfa (Germany, right), etc. would have some pro camera shops and such if I really ran out of something, right?
    Where will you stay in Germany? I could give you some addresses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canyoupicturethat
    HI all,

    I am about to embark on a 10 day trip to Germany mainly, all around the country, and then a side trip to Prague, and possibly Vienna, during that same 10 days. I am looking for some advice primarily on what cameras to take and how to travel safety, not worry about theft, etc. Also, any advice otherwise on the countries, locations to shoot, prohibitions, etc. is of course welcome.

    some thoughts to clarify:
    -I shoot in all formats, carrying a nikon f100 setup, yashica mat TLR, and 4x5 Pressman.

    -I will most likely not take the pressman ad I intend to carry one pack overall.

    -I am currently considering the f100 and 1 or 2 lenses, and then the TLR.

    -I will be taking night trains, any thoughts here?

    Thanks in advance!
    What do you want to shoot the most? That's going to be a big factor. A lot of interesting buildings will need a wide angle lens not only because they're big, but in narrow squares - the Rathouse in Munich comes to mind (could be wrong on the name - I was hung over). People? - TLR, so you don't get stared at. And the Y-mat will make you look less like a tourist. Is versatility or enlargement more important?

    Taking the LF gear sounds great until you start thinking of the rest of the kit - holders, film boxes, etc. And since you really should try samples from a list of hundreds of world-class beers (why can't they make a good ale, though? Something like a Spitfire?) going back to the hotel and playing with sheet film isn't always fun. If you rent a car, it's a different story, and I recommend taking everything.
    The Kiev 88: Mamiya's key to success in Ukraine.

    Photography without film is like Macroeconomics without reading goat entrails, and look at the mess that got us into.

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    For 10 days, I'd skip the tripod and LF, and instead, have some fun.

    I'd take only portable gear and higher speed film, relax, enjoy, and talk to people. (Even to those "beggars", Turks, Gypsies and North Africans. They've all been on a long journey to get where they are now, and you might be surprised about the stories they have to share.)

    Drink lots of beer. It so good. You'll miss it when you come back.

    Trains, night trains, too, are incredibly safe. (Talking about Germany, no experience in Prague). Please don't be paranoid, and forget the zippered bags (again, no idea about Prague).

    I'd visit Hamburg and Berlin, everybody from the States always visits the South and its rivers and castle, but if you like cities, these two have lots to offer. Both have great night life, lovely countryside in the outskirts, great architecture, interesting faces .... the whole nine yards.

    Plus, both have a vibrant art scene. And again, please don't spoil your visit with being afraid about your belongings.

    If you do decide to visit bigger cities, public transportation almost always beats driving a rental car. Busses and subways are manyfold, cover the cities well and run often. Much more convenient than trying to find parking all the time. If you're travelling around between cities a lot, I'd rent a car.

    Hope this helps!

    Cheerio, looking forward to seeing your pics!

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