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    I have a Billingham 335, with custom ordered inserts (the ones it comes with are for 35mm) which fits:
    - a 501CM body with a back and 80 lens, or a 503CW with the back and winder, or very tightly with back,winder and 80 lens
    - Two lenses (fit any of mine, 40,80,120,180) in inserts in the main compartment
    - In the secondary compartment I can fit a Metz 45 CL-4 with all cables and LumiQuest Promax system
    - I can also fit any size of lightmeter, from my tiny Sekonic L-208 to the full featured L-558
    - If I don't carry the flash, there is room for a couple A12 backs and the Polaroid back, otherwise there isn't really unless you move the meter to an external pocket
    - There are two external pockets that can carry maybe 10 rolls of 120 film, unexposed and exposed, a light meter,filters and small accessories
    - Lastly, a zipped packet in the back can fit papers, business cards, passport, money
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    Ops, I have missed this thread for a while.

    Thanks for all the responses! The reason I want the Hadley is becouse it looks like a normal bag, the 350/550 to me look too boxy and "camera baggy". I want to be able to carry just camera stuff on occasion and sometimes maybe just the body and maybe a laptop or some books.

    I think the solution for me is to get the regular Hadley for carrying one body and some other stuff or a lens extra and then a bigger bag for when I need to take it all. Maybe a Lowepro magnum or if I find myself in the states a Domke, as they are very good value over there.

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