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    Oh, I forgot the Kodak Medalist cut film/ground glass back from eBay. Stinky mildew smell. I put it on the roof of the car to get some sunlight, forgot it & got chased by a bicyclist who found it in the street and asked if I wanted it. I guess he was being polite because he wanted it (?).

    I've done that with a number of coffee cups too. He can have those.

    The casting was cracked, but not the glass (?!?). I filled the cracks with epoxy & touched up with flat black paint.

    I thought I was lucky until I tried to install it...the sides were no longer perpendicular to the back & it didn't fit the camera body any more.

    Luckily I found another on eBay that somehow I got for 1/3 of the price of the last one I priced on eBay. No mildew this time!

    I unscrewed the casting/back from the glass/filmholder part & I'll be able to hack that onto something else...so I'll have two cameras that can use those weird (Recomar-like) single metal filmholders.

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    Took a cart full of various and sundry gear-stuff out to a location so I could pretend to be Richard Avedon In The American West--you know, blown white backgrounds; stark, lined faces. While rolling the cart the couple hundred yards to my setup point, apparently my Sekonic L-358 bounced off into the street. Was picked up by one of the crowd of kids at this location, and the little imp buggered off with it. I wonder if he ever figured out what it was....

    Can't find my Bogen monopod with RRS QR head. Put it down somewhere--no friggin' idea where or when.

    Dragged my Zone VI-modified Pentax Digital Spotmeter out of the back of the SUV, onto the concrete. They do not bounce. Amazingly, it still works 100%, but the calculator dial binds a little so I can no longer turn it easily with my index finger.

    Common thread here: not having stuff stowed away properly before and after use. I am too absent minded and too easily distracted not to have my s--t properly packed!

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
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    While mixing a batch of Ansco (Formulary) 130 at 3am I learned that a 1 gallon jug does not hold 4 litres of developer (or anything else). Should be OK a little more concentrated by 250ml... On the same topic, it's very hard to tell if powders are fully dissolved in an opaque brown Delta jug. Note to self: mix in appropriately sized clear containers, then transfer to appropriately sized storage containers.

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