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This is perfectly in line with all the painting depicting real working activities, people taken during one moment of their work day. It reminds me certain watercolours by Ettore Roesler-Franz, quite famous in Rome (an example below).

Nice painting, and reminiscent of many other pictures of the same time period I have seen in museums. The heavy influence of photography on painting is obvious, as is also clearly stated in the accompanying text.

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When photographers begun their activity, they basically installed themselves in the same studios of the painters. After all their main source of income was studio portraits for both. Probably many painters were put "out of business" by the photographers.
Quite right, there was undoubtedly have competition, with painters losing the battle...

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The picture is so nice in its purely documentary intention that the photographer (the shop owner, one might imagine) did not even think about "tidying up" the studio. All efforts were probably expended to make the photograph look "real", not posed.

Yes, this was exactly one the qualities that attracted me so much in this picture, so as to start posting it here on APUG. Not many of these old, and often posed pictures, come so close to an ideal scene and atmosphere of spontaneity.