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    Good Evening, Craig,

    I've never had the 135mm lens for the K-O rangefinder, but I share your opinion of the 135mm on the Koni-Omegaflex.

    The weak point for the K-O backs, in my experience, is in the fragility of the advance lever; specifically, the metal at the internal end of the open slot tends to weaken and crack because it comes to a hard stop against a pin at the end of the "pull" portion of the advance movement. Perhaps it should have been designed with thicker or stronger metal at that point. I have learned not to be too vigorous in advancing the film, thus reducing the chance of failure. That does, to some extent, defeat the intent of the very rapid pull-push action, but, since I often use the K-O with flash, I usually need some recycle time anyway and don't suffer from a slower approach. The K-O backs can also develop some frame overlap problems, particularly with the first few frames of a roll, but that problem isn't unique to the K-O system. I have some of my backs marked to remind me that I need to tweak the early-frame film movement a little when I use them.

    I have to say that my Fuji 6 x 7 RF (90mm) is just a tad sharper than the much older Koni 90mm lens, but it takes a sizable enlargement to show the difference. The overall flexibility of the K-O system still makes it a winner. Let's just not publicize that too much so that prices of the used K-O stuff don't go higher; I have already noticed some increases during the last couple of years.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chazzy View Post
    If you ever feel like donating the 135mm to an impecunious APUGer, keep me in mind.
    Ha! I'm sure at least half the cost of the whole kit was for that one lens. Tomorrow I'll be getting back some test slides so it'll be interesting to see what results.

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