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    I am happy with the Sekonic L758D, which cost me AUD$470 with local pick-up on eBay. The normal retail price is I think around $700-$800.
    I can't imagine what you'd use the Cine model (DR suffix) for, besides involvement in moviemaking. Both L758D and DR have PocketWizard compatibility which is very useful for studio work. The auto-illumination in low light is a godsend. Handicapped enough without my glasses, the last thing I need is a struggle to see the display in low light.

    I agree a light meter is a big investment. I can well appreciate others bucking at the high cost, but these are very high precision devices, really no more traumatic to purchase than another camera body, and they are multi-functional, not just flash meters. But take care with it. My last light meter was a Sekonic L308, stolen in 2005. If dolts want to steal this one, they'll have to take my neck with them, and that's no easy task ... LOL!!!

    After the usual squealing and squirming over the $41 cost of a teeny-weeny filter, I have now fitted a 30.5mm Hoya HMC UV(0) filter over my Sekonic's spot meter lens: this saves fiddling with the annoying tethered lens cap in windy weather. A multi-function meter should (must) be a part of every photographer's 'toolbox'.

    And my first gripe on delivery: the lanyard supplied with the L758D is so long that when attached the meter was dangling at my ankles (!)
    I ditched that and bought a snazzy OPTEC strap > http://optechusa.com/product/detail/...&CATEGORY_ID=4 .
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    I have a Sekonic L358 and the same problem with the length of the lanyard, I just tied a knot in it.

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