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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn View Post
    She was upset that she had to wash her print.
    A dear friend from college, who took one darkroom course, showed me a few of her prints once. It was clear that she had not fixed or washed them properly... they had already started to show fixer stains after only a few days. That was quite a discussion, which ended with her claiming that she preferred them that way! I wonder if she still has them...

    I certainly had experiences with customers who wanted the impossible or would say things like "There's no way my $3,000 camera made pictures this bad!" I usually tried to turn those into educational moments.

    One time a customer brought in some 5x7 Kodachrome transparencies from the 1940s that were absolutely stunning; they were family portraits and he wanted to know if we could print them. We didn't have a lab in our tiny store here in Boone, and we would have had to send them out. I told him that his images were historic artifacts and that he would be better off driving them to a pro lab in a nearby city such as Greensboro (the one-hour labs at that time, 1997, didn't have scanners). Before he left I called the other employees over to see those transparencies. That was a good day.
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