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    Nov 2008
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    In 1983 the share-house I lived in was burgled. The other flatmates lost heaps of stuff including all of their sports shoes. All I lost was a couple of
    holdall bags which were probably used to carry off the loot. We reckon the perpetrators were kids as all the stolen shoes were size 9 or less. Luckily
    I was a size 12. Best of all, the kids ignored a Canon A1 plus assorted lenses, flash etc which were in a camera bag in the same wardrobe that they
    pinched my holdalls from. If they looked at the photo gear they probably thought it would be too hard to on-sell / fence or whatever.

    I took the next day off work to fit deadlocks and in the process sliced the top off my thumb with a chisel. I don't think I used the camera for a month
    or so while that healed.

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    Jan 2009
    I've never had any camera gear stolen but someone lifted a nice suede jacket from my car once.

    My father's car was stolen from a gas station once, literally inches from him, this guy just jumped in the car, cranked it up and drove off... besides his leather jacket and the car stereo, there were about 40 gallons of microfiche chemistry in the trunk that were not in the car when it was recovered.. we always wondered what the thief did with that stuff, it's not like it had any resale value, or anybody who wasn't already one of Dad's accounts would have bought it...

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