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    ChrisC's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    Wellington, New Zealand
    4x5 Format
    My first ever camera was a little toy 35mm camera that looked and from what I remembered, functioned like a 35mm SLR. It had a chrome body and everything. I don't remember what happened to it, nor if I've got any photos I took with it. I still remember they day I bought it from the toy store though.

    From there, my first real camera was a 35mm Minolta zoom point and shoot when I was about 12. I saved up all the money I got from doing chores for about 2 years before buying it. I also have no idea what happened to it (though I think my brother took it when he moved to London). It served me well and I've still got some good shots from a trip I went to New York in 2000 taken on it.

    Then there were the dark digital years which I won't mention, because thankfully I only bought two of them.

    After I got sick of my snappy snappy ways of digital (after coming home from a trip to Europe with stacks of unimpressive shots), I decided I wanted to slow down and think more carefully. I jumped straight into my first 120 camera with a Yashica 635 TLR. Loved it and I took some great photos with it.

    Then I really jumped in deep with my first (and still only) LF camera. Went straight for a Shen Hao 4x5 with some money I received for my 21st birthday. Since buying it has spent extended time in it's bag, but I've started using it a lot more lately and loving it all over again.

    Have since bought another 35mm (EOS 30) and 120 (Mamiya 645 Pro). I haven't owned many cameras, and what I've got now covers almost everything I shoot so I've found a happy constant, for now.

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    MattKing's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Delta, British Columbia, Canada
    Multi Format
    First camera - 127: Brownie Starlite
    First used 35mm camera: Kodak 35
    First medium format camera (actually a "miniature" camera, in it's time): Kodak SIX-16 folder, circa 1934 (the camera, not me);
    First new 35mm camera: Retina S1
    First 35mm SLR: Olympus OM1
    First modern medium format (6x6) camera: Mamiya C330
    First medium format (6x4.5) SLR: Mamiya 645 Super
    First (reasonably) modern medium format (6x7) rangefinder: Koni-Omega M
    First digital!! (cel phones don't count): Kodak DC4800 (7 years old when purchased - but it does have a PC socket, manual aperture, and a whopping 3.1 megapixel sensor!)

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    IloveTLRs's Avatar
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    May 2007
    Multi Format
    My first 110 camera was a Pentax Auto 110. My grandfather gave it to my mother, she never used it so I took it.
    My first 35mm was a Carena 35F that my mom bought me (my first camera ever.) I promptly dropped it down the stairs within an hour of getting it, but it still worked I still have it.
    My first 120 camera was an old Ricohflex TLR. It broke within an hour of buying it (shutter was gummed up.) I got a refund and bought a Primoflex instead.

    I haven't tried LF yet, but there's always a chance

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    Jun 2003
    Portland, Oregon
    First camera: Kodak Brownie World's Fair Flash Camera, a 127 shooter.
    First SLR: Minolta SRT 102.
    First MF: Rolleiflex 2.8C (Still have it.) Have added a Fuji 6x9 and a Hasselblad since.
    First LF: Calumet 4x5, the old cast-iron beast. Replaced 4 times, most recently with a Zone VI.
    First (and last, probably) 8x10: Late 1920s Korona.

    Peter Gomena

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    jnanian's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    Multi Format
    Blog Entries
    first cameras hmmm
    mickey mouse camera that took 126 cartridges 1970ish
    hawkeye flashfun (127 ) 1973ish
    pentax k1000 1981
    yashica 124mat g 1984 ( sold 1991 )
    speed graphic ( pacemaker ) 1988
    szabad 5x7 1995 ?
    pentax auto110 2000
    szabad 8x10 2004
    centuray 8a ( 11x14 ) 2007ish

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    Prest_400's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Med. Format RF
    First camera I took a photo: Minolta AF101
    First camera of my own: Digital "compact" brick
    First SLR I shot on: Nikon F401s
    First SLR of mine: Olympus OM-1
    First MF: Still not arrived here, I pretend it to be a rolleicord or low end 'flex.
    First LF: still far of here, but I have wishes of getting a 4x5 in one of the far next years
    First ULF: Still got no plans, I don't think I will arrive here, but who knows.

    What I did, and some plans:
    1997-8: Minolta Af101
    2003: The digi brick
    2007: upgraded to another compact (digi...)
    2008: Took the Nikon on a family celebration, loved the results, bought OM1
    2010/11: Plans for starting medium format
    2015: Large format
    2020: Might have a nice darkroom

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    Rob Skeoch's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
    35mm RF
    In grade 9 I bought a Kodak X15.

    By grade 11 I had a Pentax Spotmatic F, then a Nikon FM, FE, F3,F4,F5,F90x, F100 (also some other Pentax models in the mix)... and I just bought a used Minolta to use my Sony Zeiss lenses with.

    Mamiya 645 was first 120 camera... then a Pentax 645, Rollei T, Rollei 6008, 4 blads, Rollei GT and now a Pentax 645AF. Holga is next... or maybe the Bessa III.

    Arca Swiss was first 4x5... then a Zone VI, then a Wisner, then Ebony... now I don't shoot 4x5.

    M6 was first rangefinder... had four of them but now I use the Zeiss Ikon's.

    Deardorff was first 8x10, then Wisner, now I shoot with an Ebony and will never sell it.

    PhaseOne was first real digital on the blad

    Nikon D1x was first 35mm style digi, then a Canon Mark II, now I use the Sony A900 full frame.

    I think I've switched too many times but always felt the need to up-date because of the hyper-competitive area of photography I was shooting in. In the future I plan to shoot film with the Zeiss rangefinders, portraits with the Pentax 645AF and still life and landscapes with the 8x10. I'll continue to up-grade the digi for the stuff that has to be done that way.

    Interestingly none of my personal work is ever digi.

    For what it's worth.

    Rob Skeoch
    This is my blog http://thepicturedesk.blogspot.com/
    This my website for photo supplies...
    This is my website for Rangfinder gear

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    E76 is offline
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    Mar 2008
    Rochester, NY
    Instant Films
    I've borrowed and used many cameras over the years, but in terms of cameras I actually own(ed), the list is as follows:

    First Camera: Olympus OM-1 (35mm, previously used by my father)
    First Medium Format Camera: Hasselblad 500C/M
    First Polaroid Camera: SX-70 Alpha 1 Model 2

    Looking at this list, I'd say I've made out pretty well. Maybe I'll start getting into LF soon...

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    Jan 2004
    Upstate New York
    Medium Format
    My first camera of each type...(in order of appearance more or less)

    Toy Camera - My very first camera was something called a Universal 16. 16MM movie film, lever film advance wire view finder

    35MM fixed lens - Minolta A (Terrific little gem)

    Medium Format SLR - Reflex Korelle, 6X6 (the granddaddy of them all)

    Roll film rangefinder - Kodak Medalist II (the brick)

    35MM SLR - Practika FX

    Press Camera - 6X9 Speed Graphic

    View Camera - 8X10 Gundlack w/4X5 back

    Rangefinder (interchangable lenses) - Leica IIIc

    6X6 TLR - Minolta Autocord

    4X5 SLR - Graphlex Super D

    Camera System - Sinar Norma 4X5, 5X7, 8X10 (finest camera ever made)

    Polaroid - 110B

    Panoramic Camera - Widelux VII

    Underwater - Nikonos/Calypso

    Motion - Bolex H-16 REX

    Video - SONY Betamax portable (I did the first Ads)

    Digital (sort of) - Canon RC-250 Disc camera

    4X5/6X12 Point and Shoot - GranView

    Digital - Kodak PRO/14n

    All Time favorites - Hasselblad 1000f, Canon IVS2, Szabad 8X10, Kiev 88C/M , Leica M2 MOT, Leica M5, Leica SL2, Minolta XD-11, Minolta XK/M, Alpa 11, Horseman 450, Linhof Teknica V, Rollei SLX

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    bdilgard's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Dayton, Ohio USA
    Multi Format
    First Camera - Kodak Hawkeye Flashfun II (127) - my grandmother got this for me by saving breakfast cereal box tops
    First 126 - Keystone Everflash
    First 35mm - used Olympus RC
    First 35mm SLR - new Vivitar 220SL screw mount
    First medium format - damaged Yashica 124 G from a garage sale, ample use of black tape required.
    First large format - Leonardo pinhole
    Turning negative into positive since 1975

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