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    Jun 2006
    Oakdale, CA
    Multi Format
    First camera - Imperial De Luxe Reflex Camera (complete with flash unit) 620 (1975)
    First 35mm - Nikon FE2 now a dead paperweight (1985)
    First MF - Yashicamat 124g (1989)
    First LF - Calumet Cadet (2008)


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    Sep 2009
    Plastic Cameras
    First 35mm: Nikon FG (1986, stayed with Nikon until 1998)
    First 6x7cm: Pentax 67II (1998, still in use)
    First 6x9cm: Linhof Studienkamera 70 (2000, still in use)

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    Oct 2008
    Medium Format
    First camera was a Kodak Instamatic, for which the film was discontinued about 2 months after we bought it. Something about being highly toxic?

    First camera I actually used was a 110 on a keychain. It took phantastick pictures. I should figure out where the heck I put that little thing.

    First LF was an Eastman No.1 8x10 with mosquito net for bellows.

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    Oct 2003
    Richmond, VA
    Large Format
    Quote Originally Posted by jgjbowen View Post
    First Camera = Kodak Instamatic 126
    First 35mm = Konica TC, followed by Fujica Ax-3, then a few p&s, now Nikon FM3A
    First 4x5 = Crown Graphic, followed by a Cambo 4x5 SX, now a Zone VI 4x5
    First 8x10 = Wisner, followed by a Zone VI, now a Ritter 8x10 (with 5x7 reducing back)
    First 7x17 = Ritter

    I HOPE I'm done buying film cameras....
    Damn!!! Just added a First MF = Hasselblad 501C to the collection....

    Not a new addition, but First Digi = a Sony something that took 5 1/4 floppy disks

    Also not a new additoin, but First Serious Digi = Nikon D200....actually this is my bride's P&S....need to keep "she who must be obeyed" happy..
    John Bowen

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    Ektagraphic's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Southeastern Massachusetts
    Medium Format
    35mm- Canon AE-1 Program
    Medium Format- Super Richoflex
    4X5- Calumet
    8mm- Keystone
    Polaorid- Polaroid 600
    Helping to save analog photography one exposure at a time

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    Feb 2010
    Pasadena, CA
    Medium Format
    Interesting thread, I really need to go post in the Intro forum.

    First camera I ever got to use: My mom's 126 Instamatic, sometime in the '70s

    First camera of my own: Kodak Disc camera someone got me for Christmas--early '80s I guess

    First TLR "serious" camera I got to use: My dad's Yashica 44, he let me use it for an after-school photo class when I was probably 15. I didn't like it much because the 127 film was hard to find (at one old photo store in my city), I had a hard time getting used to roll film (loading in camera and tank), and it looked weird compared to my classmates' SLRs (at 15 that was important). I think it says a lot about my parents' lack of serious interest in photography that it sat in a closet for years while they used the Instamatic. I wish I'd liked it then as much as I would appreciate it now. My dad has since sold it or given it away.

    First 35mm SLR: Pentax K1000, replaced the Yashica--came from a pawn shop, in around 1985. I think my dad still has it. Succeeded by an Olympus OM-1N that I still have (sitting on my desk at home).

    First digital P&S camera: Sony Cybershot from 2004 or so that was handy for vacations--someone stole it. Succeeded by a Panasonic Lumix that I hated when I got it and still do.

    First DSLR: Nikon D60, a nice enough camera I guess. My wife likes to use it. Competent but a little soulless.

    First medium-format: Pentax 6x7, a Christmas gift from my wife this past year after I'd expressed an interest in getting back into film and in trying MF this time. I think she thinks this is the "mid-life crisis" camera, but I think it may turn out to be more expensive and time-consuming than a sports car or mistress. (She catches me looking at lenses, I have to be careful about that.) I like it for some of the same reasons I didn't like the Yashica as a teenager--it's big and weird-looking next to most DSLRs, and it makes a nice big negative on roll film. If I'd only known then what I know now...

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