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    Quote Originally Posted by eclarke View Post
    You are asking somebody else to break the law, why would any reputable concern do that??..Evan Clarke
    i wonder the same thing evan ...
    it reminds me of someone getting
    upset that a seller on Eboo, declared something
    wasn't a gift, and the buyer gave negative feedback
    because the seller didn't break the law ...


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    what i want is a set of Bronica GS-1

    it will be about 220GBP
    220 x 1.15 + about 40 GBP shipping + 13 GBP handling from parcel force
    it will be about 320 GBP...

    i didn't mean to force them to declare it as a gift...
    just wondering if they must have to state the details

    will try to find it from somewhere else
    don't want to experience sending a camera back again...

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    I'm having an issue with KEH at the moment, unfortunately. They've been very good in the past, but currently having a bit of a saga. Hope you all don't mind me recounting it...

    Sept 15th I ordered a BGN grade Nikon 300 F4 AF lens to be sent by USPS (US$60 shipping vs $190 on UPS). Normally I'd expect to have it despatched in a week or so but I think because they were moving premises it didn't ship for 5 weeks. In the mean time, they hadn't charged my credit card, and during those 5 weeks our currency crashed against the USD from somewhere in the 0.75c range to 0.54c or thereabouts. Then it finally arrived on Nov 1st, got held up in customs while they took their time telling me I had to pay tax on it, and then it arrived mid November. Between the currency issue and tax, a US$499 lens cost me NZ$1200. Grrr. If they'd sent it straight away and if I'd had it shipped to my work (who will pay the tax for me as they claim it back later) it would be been more like NZ$750

    So I unwrapped the lens, fitted it to my camera and straight away found the autofocus was faulty. Now that's a real kick in the guts!!! So I got onto them and was told to return it for exchange and they'd get it back out within a week. I swallowed and paid the $80 to ship it back, and it's now December 19th, 5 weeks after I sent it back, and no sign of the replacement.

    I'm starting to get a little annoyed by now. I think, understandably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crono View Post
    i sent them a email regarding the shipping on monday
    but there is no reply still...

    wondering if they are happy to state the parcel as a gift
    'cos i really want to avoid the tax... ( i know everyone does)

    If they did lie on the paperwork (said it was a gift when it was a taxable paid for item, and I don't for a minute think they would do that) then they would be liars wouldn't they? Do you want to buy your new camera from a bunch of liars? Just asking here.

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    If they lie on the customs form, it's actually on your head and your fault anyway. You will be legally prosecuted for it if it's worth their time and money. This is why I actually send emails saying the opposite (please state this correctly as merchandise not gift). It's then up to Customs&Revenue to decide to charge me or not (they don't always. Besides the now raised threshold, they won't hassle you if it's not going to make them at least £10).
    oooh shiny!

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    If they ship by FedEx or similar, you will almost certainly be charged VAT etc because those companies use agents to get things through customs quickly. Items sent by the regular mail may or may not be charged, depending on the workload of the customs people I suspect. I have had some items arrive free of any charges, and some charged the full amount. What really annoys me is when for example a customer outside the EU returns an item for an upgrade, and I get charged the duty and VAT on the declared value. I then have to claim it all back again. Talk about a waste of time and money ...

    RH Designs - My Photography

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    I couldn't agree more Richard, very unfair indeed :-( Thank gawd I don't have to deal with that anymore.


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    KEH Bargain Lenses - Any Advice

    Anyone have an opinion on, or experience with KEH Bargain Lenses.

    I am interested in either Hasselblad or Nikon

    Don't really care that much about brassing or finish loss, its fuctionality such as smooth aperture blades, and on Hassy lenses accurate shutter speeds. That is what I am more concerned with.

    Also any comments as to whether there were marks, haze and or worse yet fungus!

    I have dealt with them numerous times, and was very, very pleased.
    I know they have a very fair and good return policy.
    In the past I usually went for the higher grades,....but lately "the times they are a changin" at least money wise, they are.

    Any comments....

    Thanks in advance
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    The BGN-graded Nikkors I've gotten from KEH have been decent. You don't get caps.

    There is often dust on the internal elements.

    Sometimes the focus ring might bind slightly. I've noticed this on a couple of lenses.

    I've made a decision to, where possible, get EX-rated lenses to avoid some of these problems. EX-rated lenses are noticeably nicer and not horridly more costly.
    Jim MacKenzie - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

    A bunch of Nikons; Feds, Zorkis and a Kiev; Pentax 67-II (inherited from my deceased father-in-law); Bronica SQ-A; and a nice Shen Hao 4x5 field camera with 3 decent lenses that needs to be taken outside more. Oh, and as of mid-2012, one of those bodies we don't talk about here.

    Favourite film: do I need to pick only one?

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    If you have to choose between two, get the one with caps. They tend to have better quality glass. Mechanics count too, but either way, they have a decent warranty/exchange offer if you're not happy.



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