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    Quote Originally Posted by jovo View Post
    Alas, , I was only browsing perchance to dream. From what I have observed so far, drumming up business is the last thing KEH needs to do. Rather, finding more gear to sell is likely their top priority, and "rats" to that! They seem bent on cornering the market by garnering all the available stock which is great for them and sucky for we who can only afford to wish. Time to bid farewell to analog firesale bargains. They seem to be history.
    I think people are reading way to much into this...

    If you are willing to ship internationally you can get a lot more money for your gear on ebay than selling to KEH or any other used gear retailer.

    I think a lot more people are going that route and that leaves less available for KEH.

    Let's also keep in mind that the bix exodus out of MF film gear by professionals occurred 4-5 years ago and that swell of inventory had to work its way out of the market sooner or later.

    I've always found KEH's inventory to get a bit depleted towards the end of the holiday season, anyhow.
    Digital Photography is just "why-tech" not "high tech"..

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFH View Post
    Sirius: Hasselblad. Couldn't afford one in my youth when they were new.... Now as an old fart I can finally afford a used one. ... I'm not getting any younger and figured what the h___.

    Looks like your signature line is correct.
    Sound like my life!

    Welcome to the club!

    Warning!! Handling a Hasselblad can be harmful to your financial well being!

    Nothing beats a great piece of glass!

    I leave the digital work for the urologists and proctologists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp80874 View Post
    They had two men and computers at the Richfield, OH (south of Cleveland) swap meet earlier this month. I thought they were just selling and preferred to talk with the local vendors who had stock to see and touch, but they may also have been gathering.

    John Powers
    They were here in Milwaukee at a camera store and in Chicago at the swap meet on the same weekend and were mainly buying..Evan

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