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    Firstly, yes I'm aware that the OP has already decided and purchased what suits him. And it sounds like he made a good choice within the constraints he outlined. But this thread has evolved into an interesting discussion about tripods generally so I might as well add my unsolicited opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by tkamiya View Post
    It might be cheaper and more convenient to buy two... one for ultra stability and the other for portability.
    That's pretty much what I've ended up doing. I originally had a tripod which suited me well for 35mm stuff (Manfrotto 055 etc), but found that it's a bit on the light side for my Pentax 6x7 MF gear. So I'm going to keep the 055 stuff for the lighter stuff (or on long walks), and I'm in the process of buying something sturdier for MF equipment or when the weight isn't a concern (eg if I'm driving somewhere as opposed to walking).

    The OP bought a 055; My 055 has been through a lot and still looks and works great. That's the good thing about buying a decent tripod, it shouldn't ever wear out, the only risk is that your needs change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scheimfluger_77 View Post
    Does anyone here have an opinion on Benbo tripods?
    I have one, the biggest one I think it's the Mark 11, it's very stable and versatile and is great for outdoor use and because the legs move independently of each other you can even put it up on a spiral staircase, you position the legs first then use a single locking handle that locks all the legs in position at the same time, I found mine at first a little awkward to erect first like learning to play the bagpipes but these are ideal tripods for landscape shooters, the legs are sealed and can be immersed in mud and water without any ill effects.
    The name Benbo comes from the fact that whole idea is based on a bent bolt, they're made by a British engineering company.

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