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    8mm film processing

    hi ...

    a few months ago i posted some images in the gallery of "prints" or "stills" of
    some 8mm movie footage i shot about 10years ago ... a few years later i sold off
    all my equipment
    i miss it ...

    now ... i have come full circle and might be buying another
    8mm set-up ... i have a guy down the street who buys/sells/fixes all things 8mm so
    i am in good hands

    i do have a question though ... i used to buy film and have it processed through
    2 sources ... prepfilm ... sometimes i had it processed through fuji ...
    they are about the same price ... and both do good work...

    are there many other places to have film processed these days ?
    i know dwaynes in kansas still processes ektachrome,
    and cinelab in fall river / new bedford still processes film but they have a minimum
    footage ...

    any other places i should know about ?

    thanks !

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    I am a Super 8 shooter, and I use the same two places you mentioned.

    Cinelab does not have a minimum, but you really want to send them at least 2 rolls at a time or it it is just too expensive. I really like that with Cinelab I can shoot on the weekend and by Friday I am ready for home movie night. Maybe it is different for 8mm, but I don't see a reason why it should be, 8mm is easier to un-spool.
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