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    Quote Originally Posted by ted_smith View Post
    Just to let everyone know, justice has been done! The thief was found, sent to Crown Court by the Magistrates Court and has been sent down for 2.5 years!! I have some friends in high places that helped catch him and the sentence issued is substantial. I am happy(ish) now - the loss of my gear was painful but at least the guy who took it has been deprived of his liberty for a while.
    In Massachusetts (USA) things are different. Years ago I would have doubted justice would prevail in our Commonwealth, but times have changed... they are handing out longer and longer suspended sentences!

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    I'm sorry about your equipment but am happy they caught and punished the guy.

    Had that happened here I doubt authorities would even try to catch the perp let alone bother build a case to convict him. Even if they did convict him he probably wouldn't serve more than six months and his jail time would probably be suspended for parole and community service unless it was at least his third time.

    Yes, I'm very jaded about our so-called justice system. And we have a lot of dishonest sociopaths here. And... I need to stop posting tonight.

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