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    Well I wasn't intending this thread to be geared toward Caucasions but I guess that is what is usually assumed in the literature. I'm interested in filters for fair-skinned and tanned-skinned people mostly. I'll probably have to play around with a few filters to find out which I prefer but I was thinking of starting out with three: Polarizer, Yellow, and Green.

    I feel that the Polarizer will darken skys when they're in the frame without the tonal effects of a red filter and they would be very useful in general whenever I have some reflective surface. I'll probably opt for some light to moderate shades of yellow and green because I prefer more natural renditions. I'm not really trying to hide blemishes and wrinkles too much. I just want to make the skin tones a little darker or lighter and I do agree that naturally tanned-skin people look a bit pale.
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