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    35mm RF
    It turns out Ilford and other rolls do come in 56... In addition to Griffin there's a lab in East Williamsburg (Black and White on White, Sergio Purtell) that can do optical prints that large, and maybe one other place. But Charles Griffin seems to be the only one in the city who can do 56 fiber on a Lightjet. They use a framer that's 2 blocks from me in Sunset Park...

    The simplest way of mounting bare dibond to the wall is velcro, not very permanent though - Modernage's idea. The more permanent way is gluing an aluminum cleat to it - also Modernage's idea.

    http://govart.com/images/hwr_cleat-lt-demo1LG.jpg - frame shops have some more heavy-duty ones and the glue takes a couple of days to set in.
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