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    3M says the product "will not stain, discolor or dry out with age" but they do not use the term "archival". It's probably ok for Ilfochrome since those cannot be heat mounted, but I don't use it for anything else. Ilfochromes may have more of an issue with buffers in certain 'archival' matrials than with the 3M pressure adhesive.

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    I never liked the edge of the overmat dictating the borders of the print. So I have to dry-mount, cause I float 'em... That press cost more than my camera + enlarger combined! Plus it weighs @200 pounds. Good thing I don't move alot.


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    I dithered between drymounting and hinge mounting for years. No question that drymounting looks better but there dreaded archival question always loomed. For me the question was answered when I found ARTCARE RESTORE Foamcore. Artcare Restore is an archival heat-activated foamboard that allows art to be reversed to its pre-mounting condition.

    Ultimate Protection!
    With Artcare Restore, you can safely reverse art to its exact, pre-mounting condition. The non-permeable adhesive meets all archival standards and can be completely removed from the art. Artcare Restore’s breakthrough adhesive activates at low temperatures and short dwell times, making it safe for most art.

    Fast and Easy!
    Artcare Restore gives you the fastest, easiest and safest mounting option available. You can mount art in just 15-30 seconds on a mechanical press—or as little as 2 minutes in most vacuum presses!*

    Highest Quality!
    Artcare Restore offers an ultra smooth mount not achievable with other archival mounting methods. Artcare Restore offers a permanent mount that is reversible when reheating to 150° and removing the art.*

    Archival Plus!
    Artcare’s patented technology actively protects art from the harmful effects of outgassing and from damaging pollutants—something no other foamboard can do!

    I have been using it for nearly a year with no problems. I don't have any affiliation with the product BUT like many I struggled with mounting my prints and I just want to share my experiance with a product that really works.

    There is more information and some good drymounting application tips at:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Claire Senft
    I dry mount all my photos. I prefer a 4 ply board. If a person wishes to remove a FIBER based print from the board it is very easy to do so. Set your press to a temperture significantly hotter than what is used for mounting with that type of tissue. Heat the print until the corners are pulling away from the mat board. Grab the print by the corners and it will lift quite readily from the mat. Tack a new piece of tissue to the print, trim it and you are ready to dry mount it to a new board. Be careful not to burn your fingers!
    Echoing Ms. Senft, but adding that I use a tissue by Bienfang called Buffermount on museum board. Completely reversible, it allows for a lower temp for removal. Works super, and if you screw up allot, like me, say miss your center or whatever, you can just unmount the print, and try it again. Nice flat prints. No archival compromise.
    That's just, like, my opinion, man...

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