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I wanted survey the thoughts of everyone regarding any potential disadvantages to dry mounting prints. I understand it is a great way of keeping fiber paper prints flat, and it works well for framing, but are there those individuals that would rather create/collect unmounted prints? If so, why?

Just curious to get thoughts on this. Thanks!
To mount or not to mount is a very personal thing. Both sides are passionate about their thoughts. In the past both sides have lined up their curators which will say you should or shouldn't mount the prints.

If the greats of the past can drymount, and their prints sell for "new home" money, then that tells me whether your drymount or not will not effect your sales. Having quality work is much more important.

For me, I drymount everything except handcoated Platinum/Palladium prints. I don't drymount those because I like the look at the coating edge.

I had been given the lecture of "curators don't like drymounted prints." So I tried hinge mounting, but our summers are humid in NJ and the silver print started to do a dance under the mat that I didn't like the look of. So I drymount my silver prints.