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...a simple website as a supplement is a 'must' in today's digital world.
Good point. I've had my website up for 12 years now and it has done far more for me than sending a portfolio around. A simple card advertising your website with a couple stunning images and maybe a "leave behind" print will go farther than sending a portfolio IMO. In my experience most that have been teased by the website and want to see more make contact to see the actual prints. Saves time AND money on everyone's part.

Let it be known I am not trying to be discouraging. I've spent a lot of time and money on various self-promotional packages and such and have learned from experience that flashy and expensive doesn't mean a thing. The art directors and dealers have seen more than their share of fine, leather portfolios and expensive prints. Just give them a few really great images that show them what you can do, that you have a consistent vision and aren't just some guy with a camera and an expensive hobby and you may get a second look.