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    [QUOTE=Maris I will prepare materials, go to the darkroom, and make one the absolute best that I can. The ingredients will be different to previous work. I will be different too. I guarantee new work will not match old work.[/QUOTE]

    what he said ..

    we all change (from day to day), our photographs do too.

    website+blog: new entry: new paper negatives rockland emulsion
    NOV 1 2015 - DEC 1 2015

    50% of all profits from my IMAGE KIND SALES will be donated to the RI FOOD BANK

    since my start of donating from image sales ( haitian earthquake ) i have donated between 500 adn 700$ USD
    thru nov 19 35 to 40% off !

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    A couple of thoughts...

    You could make a true limited edition of a photograph if you were willing to print all of the copies at once and then cut up the negative and attach a piece of it to the back of each print. Other than that, editions seem a very slippery concept. I'm sure we've all heard the stories of editions that were limited, but when the image became popular the artist started cranking out copies in a different size, claiming it as a new edition. If the negative still exists, the edition is open. I doubt many of us want to cut up our negatives, even if we aren't planning to print them again.

    As to scrapping the darkroom and making inkjet prints...this makes no sense to me from the standpoint of editions. Either you make all of your prints at once in either medium and then stop, or you make some now and hope that you'll be able to get the same materials again when you want to print more later (if "identical" is your goal). The world turns, stuff changes, and we adapt.

    Be well.
    Film is cheap. Opportunities are priceless.

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