I'm co-director of an upcoming gathering of musicians and scholars at my university. I probably will shoot some photos of them performing, but the other co-director and I will be hosting some interviews with them and the like, which is when i'll mostly be shooting them. Yes the artists are signed, and very well known. So I suppose I will end up having to go over this contract crap with their PR people.

So I guess what i'm looking for here is just some advice on how to deal with them. I suppose i'll just have to feel it out/haggle with them over rights, but I just wanted an idea of where I should start. Or more specifically, what I ought to shoot for/what rights I most likely won't be able to secure. In all honesty, I probably won't be publishing these photos. I would consider publishing them if I got some sort of offer, but mostly they're just for my own personal portfolio/exhibition.

Thanks everyone for the responses thus far.