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Thread: Link Club

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    Link Club

    Anyone who is trying to promote their website in Google, will know that receiving links from relevant websites to your site will help gain higher ranking position in the search engine.

    I am hoping to set up a link club with anyone who has a website or blog. The idea is that everyone will set up a page containing all the links of the members who wish to participate.

    Participants should:

    1. Own a photography blog or website.
    2. Create a page containing the links of all members.
    3. Not remove a link or the linkpage without informing the link club.

    Interested webmasters and bloggers may pm me with your link, please do not post on this thread. or of course show your interest in this thread.

    If you would like to add a description or add a title to your link, feel free to use this code as a template.

    <a href="h**p://www.mydomain.co.uk">Black and white tree photographs by apugger</a>

    Depending on the interest, a limited number of links will be placed on each page.
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