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I have never understood why photographers drymount or hinge directly to foam core. Foamcore is so much more prone to physical damage than matboard, and if drymounted, it seems that the photograph is more at risk than if it were on matboard.
Interesting comments Richard. From my perspective (as both “amateur” photographer and frame shop owner), I didn’t understand why anyone would mount to mat board ;<). Mat board is so much more expensive than foam core, especially rag mat board. Personally I have not had the need to carry multiple matted images but if I did, that would make sense. I normally either leave my prints unmounted in clearbags/albums/portfolios or I matt and frame them. When displaying work in a photo contest I would mat and mount or just mount to foamcore but in those cases I needed the extra support foamcore provided. Many of our customers are selling their work in Artshows and they use 1/8 foamcore instead of 3/16 foamcore so they can get more images in a bin. They like the prints to stand on their own for customers to flip through them. When framing I recommend 3/16 if the frame can handle it because 3/16 warps less than 1/8 foam.