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    displaying multiple photgraphs

    Have you considered plaque or block mounting the images on 3/8 mdf with black beveled edge? Plaqdecor on the search engines should give you some info.

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    Oh man! When ZONE Art Center was alive and well here in Springfield, we used to drive sheet-rock screws right into the bricks and morter to hang work on the walls. I'm surprised the building is still standing. The dancing girls downstairs form ZONE never seemed to be worried.
    Back to the frame issue, it is said that there are many ways to skin a cat. Same goes for framing photos. It's a matter of taste - to a point.
    I like to use 11x14 frames for 8x10 prints and 16x20 frames for 11x14 prints. I use Nielson frames because they are somewhat affordable and of good quality. As far as matting the photos, depends on the image as to how I place the window.
    Hanging an exhibit is an art in itself. I have been involved with setting up shows for over 25 years and how I would do it would differ from someone else. So it would be rather presumptuous of me to tell you how without seeing the work or the space.
    One piece of advise I would like to give is too treat the exhibit as if it was a conversation with the viewer. Group similar images near each other, have good spacing between groups and vary group size. A friend of mine whom I set exhibits up at ZONE taught me this philosophy and it seems to work nicely. A good conversation with the viewer.
    gene LaFord

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