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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael A. Smith View Post
    We are sponsors of APUG. We stock highest quality mat board (ArtCare) no minimums, cut custom overmats (no minimums), have extremely low prices. We also stock negative and print storage boxes and negative folders from archival paper (much better than negative envelopes). Take a look: www.lodimaarchivalmaterials.com

    Michael A. Smith
    I can highly recommend the service and materials sent by Lodima Archival Materials. My mat board and over mat arrived promptly, perfectly shipped, and perfectly cut. Michael, or one of his assistant, is always available to provide advice on framing and the correct presentation of your prints.

    I also order some materials from Frame Destinations who are sponsors here as well. Once again, the service and products are top notch and the staff is extremely helpful. One can often speak directly to the owner of the company who is happy to offer advice and counsel.

    It's great to have such resources available.

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    I ordered mylar enclosures from Light Impressions in the beginning of August. They said they were back ordered. But charged my credit card anyway. They have never sent me another email since then. I called in September, they still were back ordered. They didn't know when they would come in. Still no emails from them. I called 2 days ago, and the customer service person said their computers were down and could not check on my order. I called today and they got on the computer, my order was still back ordered. They still had no idea when it would come in. So I cancelled my order finally.
    This company has gone down the tubes. I have been ordering archival supplies from them since 1985. Ever since they were bought and moved out of Rochester they have been going downhill. Oh well, all good things have to come to an end. Hollinger you say.....

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