if i have to print multiple images for the same "job"
i charge more for the first, print mainly because
the first print takes all the work
( exposure, burning, dodging, development methodology )
the additional prints are just a repeat and cost less.
i always make 1-2 extra and file them away,
so if one of the prints is damaged or something happens to
i have an extra ...
and so if additional prints are needed at a later date ...
i can put a finished print in a water bath and have something to "match"
my new prints too ( for dry-down ) ...

if it is "artwork" it depends whether it is
something that i have a printer make for me, or i print myself.
if i print it myself, i don't do editions &C so if i make a print ... and that's it
if it is a "reproduction" the price stays the same, or increases as my overhead increases ...