I find it is the rich are the work hagglers, more accurately they pay bean counting people huge salaries to haggle for them - I sold real silver jelly prints to a premier tourist complex owned by one pf Australia's richest men and the haggling took months - Including all the "poor me" stories about arts budget cuts as building costs increased - In the end they halved the number of prints ordered and argued that the overall cost should be halved, conveniently forgetting a first discussed bulk discount

I much prefer it when someone buys a print from Mountford Gallery http://www.mountfordwines.com.au/Gallery.html or from here just because they love it

I recommend you sit quietly with a good Cognac, work out your prices and stick to them, remembering to add the cost of Cognac to your outgoings (For the record, R.Martin VSOP and my birthday is in November)

I digress