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    I've only used a few rolls of Ektar so far, and I'm sure I can get more out of it after learning.
    However, I didn't find it difficult at all. I exposed it at box-speed, let the camera meter and received perfectly fine photos. They were more saturated than I'm used to from negative film, but I had no problems, and they were great.

    That said, as I get better at metering (I know in theory, but practice is always different) and what Ektar lends itself best to it, the photos will only be better. Make sure the exposure is correct, but I'd not worry about it other than that.

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    Polyglot - one common problem is when the overall scene lays comes out blue due to heavy overcast etc, or the dominant portion is in deep shade. This kind of problem needs to be corrected with warming filters at the time of the shot. It cannot always be post-correct (despite the constant progaganda of PS addicts). With mixed lighting, one has to make an esthetic choice of whether to correct or not. But yeah, Ektar is actually more accurate in the shadows than Portra. But folks accustomed to things being artifically warmed for the sake of pleasing skintones
    might be find blue shadows at bit unnerving. People were pretty pissed off at Manet and Monet seeing blue in the shadows too.

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    And does anyone here know any sort of table with the reciprocity failure for Ektar 100 4"5".
    I'm going to be doing some long exposures (30minutes to 1h30) and it would be good to know more about the subject

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