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    Quote Originally Posted by David Lyga View Post
    jnanian (and all): 'Obscene' was too strong a word. I really meant that if you are just starting out trying this lack of meter, then it could be very wasteful indeed.

    But, jnanian, don't fall into the trap of relying upon the 'forgiving' aspect of negative materials (ie, E-6 is NOT so forgiving). Always relying upon such will reduce your need to know and that is what this thread is all about: learning how to hone your efforts into, or close to, perfection.

    'Latitude' is not an attitude to adopt, Instead, it should be the ambulance that gets you to the emergency room on time. - David Lyga


    i have shot (35mm, 120 + 4x5) e6 without a meter for 10 years always exposed correctly.
    one just has to learn how to observe, and know how to use the film in the camera ..

    i had a mentor i trained with who stuck her hand out, cast a shadow on it, and knew immediately
    the correct exposure for any film she used ( color, chrome and b/w ).
    i am not as good as she was, but i am getting there ...

    judging from your want to not use a meter, just look at the light
    look at the shade use a meter and SEE what it says ... 1 stop? 1/2 stop ?
    highlights 1/2 stop ?

    it really isn't too hard to figure out, its about noticing the conditions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Newt_on_Swings View Post
    ... I usually just go at it, and then dev these rolls with rodinal stand development to work its hocus pocus, and I get some decent shots out of it.
    Imagine getting every frame perfect (in all ways) on a roll. That would be way too much to print!

    Also, David, some older societies honor the "mentally ill" -- it just means they are especially touched by their particular god.

    At least with LF landscape, a bad day of photography can still be a good day of exercise.

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    Good, Vaughn, then I must move there because I certainly am a 'case'!!! - David Lyga (agnostic)

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