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Thanks very much for the advice Im afraid zone three on on zone 5 does not mean a lot to me at the moment I iwll have to read up on Mr Adams, Im using a Sekonic light meter
so would I take the meter reading and adjust two stops for the shadow rule to get an overall reading, the meter reading was taken from the apron of the building in the darkest part so is that why I overexposed on the sky, the meter on this shot trold me f16 at 1 second on 50 iso
You were correct in metering where you did...If you meter the darkest shadow that you want meaningful detail to be shown (I do not mean small insignificant areas of extremely deep shadow---rather the larger shadow areas) then decrease your exposure by two to three stops from what your meter shows. Your meter, and all meters for that matter, are designed to convert the metered value to a middle gray.(18% ...16% on some Sekonics) That is why you overexposed.