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    558 is supposed to do flash spot metering. But it's less sensitive then incident flash if that matters to you. At least that's what I remember.

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    If you are doing weddings and want to get a meter that will operate with the highest accuracy and be quick about it there is only one meter for you. The Spectra Combi 500. They are the standard meter for the movie industry and are sold and supported by Spectra Cine in California with calibrations and parts. It is an incident meter that can be had for $50-$75 on that auction site. New they go for over $400. I have literally abandoned the Zone system and my Pentax digital spot meters in favor of the quick and easy BTZS incident metering system that provides me with an exposure error rate that is nearly zero plus it takes me less than a minute to make an accurate base exposure and subject brightness Range (SBR) for my development objectives with my LF and ULF cameras. My only disappointment is that it took me many frustrating years to discover this technique.

    This meter has one of the largest diffusion domes I have ever seen and is the most precise and diverse light measurement instruments I have ever used. Why spend $350+ for a Sekonic when you can get this one for a song.

    Save you money for film...


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