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I've never had much success with shooting while the sun is straight above, which I'm assuming that I'm not the only one. But sometimes I am forced to shoot only midday (events and concerts and such).

I can't really think of anything to improve my shots during midday, except maybe use fill flash to fill in the shadows on faces ?

Any tips or pointers I don't know about?

Use an old lens. A friend of mine once did a series of pictures trying to capture the feeling of the midday sun in Provence (South of France). He used a really old Nikon F (I suppose from 1959 or so) which softened the contrast right off and gave a very interesting image quality. I am currently carrying (among other cameras) a Bessa L with a 1937 5 cm Elmar to see if I can get something similar. For concerts, though, fill-in flash may be the only answer (presumably flash in the daytime will not be as annoying for the artsits).