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    Tell your employer to stay out of Walmart. Also just about every other major chain store out there. They are videotaping everybody from every possible angle the whole time you're in the store. Many cities are now installing cameras on street corners. Albuquerque now has one at Central and 4th, videotape is running 24/7. We just can't seem to get away from being photographed in today's world.

    It does seem like a double standard, where the authorities (including huge corporations) have a right to photograph everyone but when one of us (individual without clout) takes a picture in a public place all hell breaks loose.

    I don't usually photograph people I don't know. I do photograph spaces and places that belong to somebody else without their permission. I always do it from public property, however. I've got into trouble for it, as many of you know. On another photography site a photographer was in trouble for taking a photograph of a horse from the road. The owner is livid. It was being walked by a neighbor girl, who told the photographer she could take the picture (out on the public road). The photographer gave her name to the girl and soon got a phone call. People are really over-reacting when they even get mad about their animals. The guy who assaulted me just happens to own ten horses, if that makes any difference. (I don't photograph horses as I know this attitude, though I've shot cattle, sheep, and goats without any trouble.) You gotta wonder why they take them to the shows at the fair. There are dozens of people in the bleechers shooting pictures.

    As far as the crack about feeling indifferent about photographers being harassed I must take exception to: Are you a studio only photographer? If not then it could happen to you.


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    An outcome from a recent State Attorneys General conference in Australia was the principle "no one in public has the right not to be photographed". I believe the decision was formed not for the benefit of photographers but rather to protect local, state, and federal operators of public-space surveillance cameras.

    Everything is photographed daily by millions with phone cameras. Celebrities, like everyone else downtown, are on several surveillance screens simultaneously.

    Papparazi are pests not because they add few pictures to the massive daily total but because they provoke a reaction through "in your face" tactics.
    Photography, the word itself, invented and defined by its author Sir John.F.W.Herschel, 14 March 1839 at the Royal Society, Somerset House, London. Quote "...Photography or the application of the Chemical rays of light to the purpose of pictorial representation,..". unquote.

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    don't forget about the surveillance cameras running in every atm.
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