Now that the dust has settled, somewhat, I've downloaded an image to the "Technical Gallery", taken where the appropriate metering was "Reflected Averaging", with a Gossen UltraPro.

Tired after driving from Stuttgart over ice covered roads in late January. Arrived for check-in at ~ 2000 - 2100 hours. I was impressed by the appearance of the entrance, and decided to take a quick image.
Incident metering would NOT be appropriate ... that would measure the light FALLING ON the scene, actually liitle to none. Spot metering would indicate great range of light ... and, most probably extensive calculations, if that range was not in the capability of the meter processing. In any event, It would take more time and energy than I wanted to expend at that time. I pointed the meter at the scene, pressed the button once or twice, and "flew" with the result.

Now, there is more to the story... which I wll post on the Coolor Analyzer thread.