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Even so, I will probably not ever use this meter in that manner, but either way, it's still a pretty darn low light level for these meters to be able to read and the OP couldn't go wrong with them.
Just an interesting note. I took my Gossen to work today so that I could see on the way home (my 45 commute this time of year goes from dusk at 4:30pm to just before dark about 5:15 pm) what time it would reach its sensitivity limit of -3EV. With the dome in place (inside my truck) it was 5pm (very overcast and dim) when the dial finally landed on -3EV, a very low light level. With dome slid away for reflective reading, it was even later, about 5:12 standing in my driveway and no outside lights on while taking a reading of my house. I just thought this would be an interesting side note.