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    Negative Restoration

    I apologise if this is the wrong section for such a posting.

    I have discovered that my lever-arch folder of B&W negs has suffered some water damage. The translucent paper neg sleeves have become wrinkled and stuck (in places) to the negs. The paper can be soaked away, leaving `ripple` lines of paper fibres on the emulsion side of the negs. The emulsion itself has not for the most part been compromised, it is just that any attempt so far to dislodge these `ripple` marks from the emulsion side of the negs has been unsuccessful.

    I would be very grateful for any possible solutions to the restoration of these damaged negs.

    I understand Q-Tips are to be avoided however it appears some light abrasive of some form is required. I have so far heard of talcum powder, cigarette ash, and others. Obviously I will scan in what there is PRIOR to any such restoration work but I am at a loss?
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    Get a copy of Kodak's book "Conservation of Photographs". There are copies on ebay for less than $5. It covers repairing and preventing damage in a variety of ways and would be the best source of information to help you.

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